[text and photos by Starla J. King, Big Fish 2009]

I admit — I love getting gifts.

Yep, I said it out loud… during the season of giving, nonetheless!

<wait for collective *gasp* >

I know, I know … it’s better to give than receive. It’s not about the getting, it’s about the giving.

Or is it?

Can a gift actually be a gift without a recipient? (If a tree falls in the woods and nobody is there to hear it….). Well, no. Can a giver actually be a giver without having a givee? Well, no.

So maybe perhaps just possibly receiving is equally as important as giving.

As Ellen Rogin, (author of “Great with Money“), pointed out during a Lorin and Friends teleclass last week, we tend to not be so great at receiving. Yet giving depends on our ability to receive, so shouldn’t we work to hone our receiving skills??

Ok I should clarify — I’m not talking about receiving in the Cookie Monster “rake in hoardes of cookies and devour them gluttonously” sort of way. No no no… I’m talking instead about gracious receiving.

The gentle opening of the hand to generously accept what’s given.

Then the gentle closing of the hand to fully accept the gift.

See, here’s the thing: the better we get at getting,
the better we become at

Receiving inspiration, joy, possibility, hope.

Receiving everything our senses can take in.

Receiving everything we need in order to give.

You know, you have the perfect excuse to start your receiving practice now. Today. Hanukkah has begun, Christmas is just around the corner.

And every day — EVERY DAY — the Universe (some call it God) prepares a different personalized gift for you, eagerly awaiting to see if maybe today you’ll receive it.