Welcome to a brand new year of business potential!

We are doing something different this year:  monthly business challenges – each one designed to help you (and us!) keep raising your business bar for WILD SUCCESS.  One of my goals for myself this year is to post weekly VLOGS (video clips) to have a more personal connection with you, so I start those today too.  (And if you have not set your goals yet, you can be inspired to do so with our recorded goal call.)

This month, it’s the Golden Vessel Challenge, all about ensuring your company isn’t wasting any resources.  Resources being time, money or energy.

Think of your business as a GOLDEN VESSEL that needs to remain sea-worthy, or a sacred container of any sort.  Your challenge this month is to identify and plug the drains in your business to increase your bottom line. We want to be sure that we are conserving our time, our money and our energy.

I share more thoughts on this and my own business drains in the following (3-ish minute) video:

This week, with the start of the new year, we will focus on how we are spending our TIMEIs there a crack in your vessel’s hull where minutes and hours drain out? This is the week to find out!

Inspection Tips:

  1. Track how you spend your time each day this week.  Actually write down what you did when and for how long.
  2. Notice what you do over and over again.
  3. Are you thinking or worrying about the same things over and over again?
  4. At the end of each day, notice your time leaks.  Were they caused by constant email interruptions? Multi-tasking? Distractions of the home office?

Repair Suggestions:

At the end of each day, for EACH time leak, create a “plug.”  Get creative and get clear on what changes you need to make to stop wasting time.  Try these to get you started:

  1. Set a time for answering emails.  If checking emails at the beginning of your work day sets you up for wasting time, check emails after doing your top prioirity task for the day.
  2. What can be automated so that repetitive tasks are done more efficiently.
  3. What do you need to do to in order to stop worrying?  This is a sign, by the way of becoming more spiritual: Not feeling the need to worry!  So what is it time to TRUST?
  4. Give each task a timeline.  Set yourself time limits so you’re not tempted to keep reworking, revising, PERFECTING.

Take control of your TIME and turn your business into a solid GOLDEN VESSEL that uses time FOR you, not against you.

Remember, time is the ONLY non-renewable resource we have…. we must spend it wisely!

Are you up for this business adventure??  We are!

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