Goal reviews don’t have to be painful (although I’m not sure this Big Fish cat agrees) .

"Jazzy" on Big Fish Goal Wheel

I know mid-year goal reviews might not seem as exciting as the beginning or end of year reviews (when we are setting exciting new goals or celebrating successes while preparing for a brand new year), so hopefully our June Revisit Your Goals challenge can inspire you!

One of my goals this year was to post a new video each month, so here is my June video to tell you more about this Goals challenge:

Before we go any further, please make sure to CELEBRATE your achievements from the first half of this year.  It’s a perfect way to get energized to look at your goals for the 2nd half of the year!

This week, if you have not yet set goals for 2011, I challenge you to SET THEM TODAY, using the following questions.  If you have already set your goals, I challenge you to revisit each goal and ask the following questions:

  1. Is this goal achievable?
  2. Is this goal reasonable?
  3. Is this goal a stretch (yet reachable)?
  4. Am I 100% committed to this goal?

Then, for each goal:

  • …if your answer to ALL of these questions is Yes, keep that goal.  It will serve you well!
  • …if your answer to ANY of those questions is No or I’m not sure, modify that goal so all your answers become Yes.   (Remove the goal completely only as a last resort).

If you need help and/or more accountability around your goals, our Goals Short Course is here to support you, and to inspire you a Tererai Trent “It is Achievable!” t-shirt. Click this link for more information and registration.

Goals are dreams with deadlines. — Diana Scharf Hunt

Commit today to review and (re)set your goals, and remember to celebrate your achievements! Share your successes in a comment below so we can celebrate with you!