adult-1822484_640This is the time of year when everyone is talking about setting goals. Before I became a Big Fish I loathed goal setting. You may think that loathe is a harsh word, but it is accurate. I would set “ought to” goals and they would always fizzle out around January 3rd. I didn’t know why or if I could set goals and I didn’t know whether those goals would even serve me. With trepidation I entered the Big Fish group. If you want to start out ahead of me and figure out why it may be a good idea to set goals, click here.

What I encountered as a Big Fish was a totally fresh approach to goal setting. The Big Fish way of goal setting is life altering.

So what is goal setting the Big Fish way?

  1. It is HOLISTIC – When you set goals to begin the year you don’t just focus on business or money or weight or relationships. You set goals for all of it. The Big Fish system operates through a holistic goal wheel. Each piece of the pie is a slice of your life. You set goals in each lovely part.
  2. It is “WANT TO” – You absolutely must be excited about your goals. If you aren’t, you will self sabatoge. Of course, there are things that you believe “ought to” be your goal. How can you get excited about it and turn it into a want? Is there some part of the puzzle that gets your motor running?
  3. INTENTION is everything – Goals are great but they pale in comparison to the amazing power of intention. In each area of the wheel, we set the intention. That intention is the energy behind the entire endeavor. Sometimes it is a power statement, like “go forth joyously!” sometimes it is a single feeling like “unburdened” or “freedom”. Whatever it is, when you get hung up or stalled with your goal, it acts as a cornerstone to return to that holds the whole wheel together.
  4. YEARLY INTENTION is even more everything – If the particular intentions are powerful, the yearly intention is the rudder that turns the Titanic.

If you are like I was, goals are scary business because they have little hope of becoming reality. Goal setting the Big Fish Way is different. This year I accomplished a shocking number of goals I set. Each one was fun and joyous and delightful. I was blown away. But don’t take my word for it, Contact Lorin and get started on a goal wheel of your own.