RachaelI am a 43-year old woman and, until today, I hated goals. Goals always were “shoulds”. Almost immediately upon writing down a goal, I could barely look at the paper. It is kind of funny and ironic that I would find myself working with a Coach like Lorin. That is kind of what they do, isn’t it… help you to make goals and move your life into a new cool place? After our 2016 goal setting call, I was both anxious (in a good way) and a little afraid that all these goals would be just like the previous ones.

So what is different?

First, I made a personal vow to myself that I would exclude EVERY goal that was a “should” item. No goal would make the cut that I wasn’t excited about, even if my goal wheel was filled with fluffy, silly goals, they would be goals I would want to do and eagerly engage with. I started in filling out the 2016 Goal Wheel, giving myself permission to write from my heart. After a couple of iterations, it was beautiful. When all is said and done, I love these goals so much I could embroider my Wheel as a sampler. Counted cross-stitch never looked so good.

With Wheel in hand, I awaited my first call with Lorin. In your first call, you go over your Wheel and really get clear about your intention for the year. We started there. I thought I was in love with my original annual intention which was, “love myself”. We immediately changed it to “Love me now”.

That poignant change showed me what an annual intention looked like. It is supposed to be a “how” statement that guides you if or when you get stuck. I could envision myself examining possible life directions and options in light of “love me now” and it felt good. As we went through my goals, I was completely impressed how the addition of one well-placed word here and another there from Lorin rounded out the circle and deepened the shallow areas.

From our discussion, there was clear homework. A couple specific things cropped up and were do-able in the short term. More important is that I am excited, not only for my goals but in the smaller tasks to get there.

I can’t see the whole path, but I am ready to become a participant in my future where the universe is working “for” me, not “to” me. There is a great and fabulous energy shift, for me, towards creativity and love. Glad you all are coming along for the journey. It truly is a Happy New Year.