I had already planned this “Giving Thanks” blog post for today… then when I was out for a run, look what I came across!!

“THANKFUL” — a message spelled out in multi-colored stones for everyone to read!

Yes, I am thankful — every day — for so many things and people that make this life so amazing.  Here’s the start of my list, which I will continue to add to on my own throughout the rest of the year:

  • My amazing support network from coast to coast.
  • My ability to see the silver lining in most every cloud.
  • The ability for us all to choose to learn in every situation.
  • My clients who inspire me every day.
  • The perfection in the universe that I have learned to lean on.
  • Unknown blessings already on their way.
  • My amazing 6 year old who reminds me daily to stop and check on the bugs and snails – they matter too.
  • … and the person who took the time to spell out “THANKFUL” on the beach.

What is at the top of your THANKFUL list?

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your loved ones!