So often I hear from women entrepreneurs that they either don’t have time to celebrate their accomplishments, or that they didn’t even think of celebrating before moving on to the next task or project on their To Do list.  I admit, I am often one of those women!

This year I decided to try something new to help women entrepreneurs (including myself) learn to make celebration more of a habit — so I put together a 2.5 day Starfish Retreat with the theme of Celebration.  The retreat sold out!

Although the in-person part of this retreat is not until the end of November, I have been meeting with the participants by phone for several weeks.  Why?  So we can set and work on goals that we will reach by Retreat time… and have very specific accomplishments to celebrate!  The celebrating will be the final part of reaching the goal instead of an afterthought or just something we forget to do. 

I challenge each of you this week to set at least one measurable goal that you will accomplish by the end of this month so you can practice celebrating your own success during the Celebration retreat time: Nov 30 – Dec 2. (Starla J. King will be our Big Fish field reporter from the Retreat: blogging, tweeting, and “Facebooking” so you can taste the experience yourself!)

If you need more than 2 weeks to reach your goal(s), you can just set a different date for before the end of the year to make sure you have something to celebrate before you start the new year.

Now here is the most important part:  make sure you put “CELEBRATE” in your project plan and block off time on your calendar for it.  Celebration gives us a chance to appreciate our hard work and re-energizes us for the next project, so plan your celebration ahead of time, put it on your To Do list, and plan around it as you would for any other priority!

What goal(s) will you reach and celebrate in the next 2 weeks, and in the next 4 weeks?  Set those goals now, or re-commit to ones you have already set, and give yourself reason(s) to celebrate!   I would love to hear your goals and celebrate with you…  post a comment below to let us know what you will be celebrating! 

Why not set a full year of reasons to celebrate in 2012?

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