Valentines Day is a day some people celebrate and others avoid because the day is traditionally focused on the romantic love of a partnership.  This week, I want talk instead about a Valentines Day concept we can all love, whether or not we’re married or dating  — week 3 of our Heart Work Challenge is about SELF-CARE and the power of RETREATS

This week’s challenge has two parts:

  1. Schedule at least 30 minutes of personal retreat time every day this week.  
  2. Schedule a day-long retreat to prepare for or reward yourself for success during a busy time at work.   

 Your business will love you for it. 

I know it’s easy to say we don’t have time to take these retreats, and it is true that we are very busy women.  Here’s what I love about these retreats — when you take care of your own health and your own heart, your work shows it as much as the rest of your life! 

In her new book, Love for No Reason, Marci Shimoff says:

“True success comes when you bring your heart—and its love—to your workplace, whether it’s a corporate boardroom, office cubicle, retail store, or restaurant.”

Our businesses need for us to bring our hearts to work, so we need to take care of our hearts.  Retreats are a wonderful way to do that!   Start with a week of “mini-retreats,” maybe something like these:

  • Read your favorite non-business book
  • Take an easy walk outside
  • Create a new playlist or CD of your favorite songs
  • Play whatever game your child chooses
  • Find a beautiful place to write (about anything)
  • Get a massage (try it in the middle of the work day!)
  • Treat yourself to your favorite indulgence
  • Pour your favorite drink and write gratitude note cards (see week 1 challenge)

Don’t forget to plan your 1-day (or more) retreat also!

Have you taken amazing retreats already? Let us know about them (in a comment below, or on our Big Fish Nation Facebook Page).  Then tell us how the challenge is going this week!

p.s.  I’m taking the retreat challenge this week in a BIG BOLD way — with our Big Fish Nation Starfish at a 2.5 day retreat in San Diego.  It is going to be a powerful, inspirational, soul-nurturing business adventure… held at a spa resort so we can include personal retreat to help fuel the high-intensity business planning time.   Watch our Facebook Page for photos and reports from the Starfish Reatreat this week!