What would the world be like if love and gratitude projects were a part of the curriculum in every school?


My friend Kathy, posed this question in a conversation I had with her recently.  It got me thinking…. how would the world be different, if in every classroom, in every school, in every part of the world, we were engaged in projects that helped us know love?  We were engaged in projects that help us know gratitude?

Real love.  That truly unconditional deep knowing that you are loved and can love another and that you are love.   How would the world be different?

What if we all knew gratitude at its deepest level?  How would the world be different?  We learned to truly be grateful for all things around us and how they make our life what it is.  How would the world be different?

It is almost hard to imagine a world like this.  But Kathy and I, like the starfish story, feel that its possible, one person at a time.

Give your family the true gift of love and gratitude this holiday and join us on this journey called Project W.I.L.L. (World Inspired by a Life of Love).  The first event is January 4th.  Where our goal is to have over 100 people be spreading rocks with hearts on them all over the world.  Join us… and spread the love this holiday season.  Will you?


Merry Christmas!

I wish you a season filled with love and gratitude at its most sincere and deepest level.

May the season’s magic find its way into your heart and those all around you.

In Love and gratitude,


Photo by:  © Johanna Goodyear | Dreamstime Stock Photos