“Give energy to that which you want to grow”  Big Fish Principle #1

Goals are not just something to hang on our office wall to make us look good; they are something we actually want to give energy to in service of our business and our whole lives!

If you have been working closely with your goals, you know exactly what I’m talking about.  If you haven’t paid much attention to your goals, then now is the perfect time to start doing that.

In the Big Fish Nation Yearlong Adventure program, along with writing our 10-year Vision Story, we spend time setting holistic goals for 8 different areas of life and business, and for each goal we set an intention — the feeling and “way of being” with which we approach that goal area.

For example, in the Business area, you might choose to set an intention of “powerful growth” and in the Fun & Recreation area, you might set an intention of “daily delight” (or whatever resonates with you).   Setting an intention helps you approach goals from the inside out so you WANT to give energy to those goals.

Hopefully at the beginning of the year, you set some clear goals for yourself, so now all you need to do is review and revise them.  (If you didn’t set goals yet, you still have 1/2 the year left, so start setting those goals now!).


1. Take a look at your 2012 goals and ask for EACH goal: Did I already reach this goal?  (if so, then CELEBRATE YOUR SUCCESS!!)

2. Ask the following questions for EACH goal:

    • Is this goal achievable?
    • Is this goal reasonable?
    • Is this goal a stretch (yet reachable)?
    • Am I 100% committed to this goal?

3. Then:

    • if your answer to ALL of these questions is Yes: keep that goal. It will serve you well!
    • if your answer to ANY of those questions is No or I’m not suremodify that goal so all your answers become Yes. (Remove the goal completely only as a last resort).

Commit today to review and (re)set your goals, and remember to celebrate your achievements — share them in a comment below!

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