How often have you heard someone say what their New Years resolution is, followed by “we’ll see how long it lasts”??

Is it just me, or do New Years resolutions not mean that much to people any more, as if it is almost EXPECTED that New Years resolutions will be broken?

At Big Fish Nation, instead of New Years resolutions, we focus on a new intention for the year as we set our goals.  We each choose a word or short phrase that describes how we want to BE during the year as we are doing the tasks of business and life.  It is your choice for your year.

Wayne Dyer says, “You do not attract into your life what you want, you attract what you are.”  If we truly attract what we ARE, what a calling forth THAT is… it makes us look closely at our way of being, doesn’t it?

My intention for 2012 is “unbridled joy,”  which means that I am committed to choosing actions and thoughts each day that can help me experience and share unbridled joy.  I admit, some days I really do not feel like choosing unbridled joy, and it would be a lot easier to be angry or frustrated.  That choice is up to me on any given day… just like your way of being (intention) is up to you on any given day.

If you haven’t already, choose your annual intention NOW and step into it NOW, and where you are at the end of the year will be most magical.

I would love to know your intention for 2012… please share it in a comment to inspire all of us! 

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