Welcome to our May  “Flip the Switch” business challenge, where the focus is all about CHOOSING to stay in “best self” as consistently as possible.

“Best self”  is both a way of being and a way of doing. It is when you keep your thoughts and behaviors in line with your values and the core of who you truly are.  You know you’re in “best self” when you are energized, loving, caring, and your work just seems to flow effortlessly… so it is greatly beneficial to you, your business, and everyone around you when you are able to stay in best self!

I’ll say more about that here in this week’s video:

As I mentioned, flipping the switch is just part one of getting back to best self — we also need time and tactics for recovery. Sometimes, recovery can happen in minutes or seconds, and our best self reappears easily.  Other times, recovery can take hours, days, months, and it takes a lot more work to get back to best self.  Either way is ok — what really matters is that you DO flip the switch and commit to re-discovering your flow.

This month, let’s practice flipping the switch and recovering more quickly to best self. Here is the 4-step cycle for us to focus on:

  1. Notice. Pay attention to your moods, your thoughts, and your behaviors so you can notice when you have stepped out of best self.  Start a list and jot down places/situations where you lose your power — what are your triggers? Hint: set a timer for every hour to stop and NOTICE.
  2. Flip the Switch. When you catch yourself in the act, decide immediately to STOP what you are doing/thinking/saying that has you out of best self.
  3. Recover. Ask yourself “What do I need RIGHT NOW to get back to best self?” then start meeting those needs immediately.
  4. Clean up the mess. Maybe you need to apologize to someone, or to catch up on deadlines you missed, or simply take a long restful nap to get your strength back.  Whatever it takes, DO IT, and make sure you do your cleanup from your place of best self!

This week, pick one specific area and see if you can break some old habits by consistenly using the “Flip-Switch Cycle” above.

Are you simply reacting to your world, or are you choosing your thoughts, moods, and actions consciously?  Or are you ready to take control of your switch?

Let us know in a comment below that you are committing with me to keep your hand on that switch to stay in best self !