Work is love made visible. (Kahlil Gibran)

Welcome to the start of our new February Business Adventure Challenge — Heart Work!

It is so easy, especially in our full entrepreneur schedules, to let the details of running our business push our heart out of our workday as we automatically default to “brain work.”  My challenge to you this month — ALL MONTH — is to balance “brain work” with “heart work.”

Gratitude, appreciation, and LOVE all need to be part of EVERY DAYif you want to be as successful as you possibly can be.

Watch my short video (less than 3 minutes) so I can tell you “in person” more about this challenge.  [I don’t know why the letters on the books show up as mirror image — can one of you dear readers help me??]

So, as you just heard, my challenge to each of us is to send at least one handwritten note card of genuine appreciation to someone EVERY DAY of this month (yes, 28 days).  Mail a note from your heart to:

  • current clients
  • future clients (people you want to work with)
  • family
  • former colleagues
  • friends
  • referrals
  • businesses you appreciate
  • teachers
  • partners (business or personal)
  • former partners (business or personal)
  • whomever — get creative!

Start paying attention to everyone you appreciate — then let them know!

Now more than ever, we need to bring our hearts to work. What does that mean for you?? Let us know in a comment below so we can learn from each other!

Other ways to make heart connections with other women entrepreneurs:

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