Everybody is perfect and nobody is perfect.  In the same way, every relationship is perfect and no relationship is perfect.  It is all a matter of perspective and one that is so important as we look at our relationship with money this month with the Maximize Your Money challenge!

Big Fish Principle #6 says “Trust that perfection is all around you right now.”Even though we know that literally nobody is perfect, we can still choose to see perfection in everyone. There is perfection in the fact that we are all a work in progress and can continue to learn and grow, and that we have the power to choose our attitudes about ourselves and others.

There is perfection in everything and everyone, we just need to look for it, notice it, and choose to appreciate it.

The clearest — and most difficult — place to see perfection in each other and ourselves is in relationship. Relationships are like mirrors showing us our own behaviors and thoughts as we interact with other people and things.  Sometimes we really don’t want to look in that mirror!  When we do, though, we can always see that our relationships are perfect works in progress.  In other words, they are open to change and we can create our relationships to be more powerful for us.

Think about your relationship with money.  In last week’s post, we talked about how important that relationship is to your success.  Again, even though no relationship is perfect, there is perfection in every one … even in our relationship with money.  You see, behaviors do not just happen.  They are directly related to our thoughts, beliefs, and what we know — all things that we can CHOOSE.  Perfection!

The most important thing here is for us to be sure that we are staying in charge of our relationship with money by consciously choosing our attitude about money. It is often so easy to tell ourselves that we do not have enough money, and to feel as though we are coming from a place of lack.   The problem is that when we focus on “not enough,” guess what?  We get “not enough”!

“Give energy to that which you want to grow” is Big Fish Principle #1 — the foundational principle because it is SO important.  Do you want your relationship with money to be more about “enough” and “more than enough”?  Then give energy to that.  Do you want to feel joy and a sense of abundance when you think about money?  Focus on that.

Recently I was reminded of the concept that ‘we are our own experience.’  Soif you are wanting to change your relationship with money (or anyone for that matter), take charge of your experience with that entity or person.  After all, we ARE our own experience no matter what!

I know it’s not a simple thing to do, but you CAN change your energy around money by changing your thoughts and your behaviors.  With discipline and practice, you can have whatever relationship you want to have with money. It’s up to you — what’s your choice??

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