The Need to BE or DO

A number of years ago when I started coaching, I was written up in the Investor’s Business Daily for having integrated both an Eastern and Western philosophies together to help people achieve success. When they first wrote it up like that I never saw it that way myself but the truth is that is truly who I am. I believe that the power is in the combination between the 2 philosophies rather than either or.

To make this point even more clear, in all of Big Fish Nations program we talk about important ‘things to do’ to become more successful but with that always, we discuss how we need to be ‘being’ as we ‘do’ those activities/actions.

3 Acts of BEING

1.   If you are doing all the ‘right’ steps to complete a sale but you are not excited and being authentically ‘on fire’ about what you are selling it will greatly inhibit your sales bottom-line.

2.   If you are the CEO of your company but standing up in front of your group to acknowledge them at the Christmas holiday party or accepting an award at the local chamber throws you off, you will not be ‘being’ in alignment with the leadership model you want to portray.

3.   If you are saying all the right things during a conflict with your employees but you are not walking your talk and doing the things that you are advising them to do… being incongruent with your advice, how do you think your advice will be received?

Being Matters

You see, how are being matters as much as what we are doing. Doing a good deed in an angry way, is not worth doing.

So today, notice, see if your ‘doing’ is aligned with who you are ‘being’. And if it is you are going to find you are probably experiencing more ease in the course of your day.  If not, you are probably feeling like you are working too hard!   Being Matters!