Rituals. DO YOU HAVE A W.B.R. (Weekly Business Ritual)?? I love this topic. We all have rituals. Some that help us and have us take care of ourselves and others that hinder us and get in the way of us thriving. I spoke with a group of Big Fish today (www.bigfishnation.com) and here were some rituals they did that SERVED them: exercise at least 3-5 days per week, eating a good, healthy breakfast, drinking only 2 cups of coffee each morning, stretching, setting daily intentions, noticing what there is to be grateful for each morning, journaling, writing down the 3 things that we want to accomplish that day (and only 3!), calling one friend/family member just to say hello, a silent walk, yoga, the list goes on. But we also have unhealthy rituals that do not nurture us: Jumping out of bed and getting on the ‘treadmill of life’, drinking coffee all day, skipping breakfast, letting email direct our day, letting the world direct our moods, etc. You know the deal.
But the twist I want to shift to here is that our businesses need us to have a healthy BUSINESS RITUAL too! What might this look like? This might be calling 3 potential new clients per day. Writing on your blog 3 times per week, or contacting 2 vendors weekly to keep relationships top notch, or calling one prospective speaking opportunity per day, 3 times per day twitter postings, intentions set each morning, a card sent each day to someone that you want to connect with, etc. I highly recommend creating a Daily or Weekly Business Ritual sheet! This sheet will be a mix of a few things that you feel are necessary to take your business to a whole new level, track it. Make it a new ritual. Start your day with it EVERY business day. It will sky rocket your success. Do it for 30 days and evaluate if the things on the sheet are the perfect things or do they need to be tweaked slightly. This is a business mastery skill, you be the master of your business! OMMMMMMMMM.