This month our Big Fish business challenge is about forward movement… it’s Do the Hard Thing First .

Whatever that difficult task is on your list each day, DO IT FIRST.  Even though this is a simple concept, it is powerful because it really is about your work ethic… which becomes your LIFE ethic.

I first learned this when I was 5 years old.  My parents gave my sister and me an incredible gift of a pony… along with my fathers instructions for how my sister and I should make sure all the horse chores got done.  He said, “I recommend you do the hard things first … and THEN you can go play.”

I think many of us have heard this recommendation, but maybe that commitment isn’t as strong as it could be.

I say more about that in my video post this month:

So what is that one (or more) thing that you can do every morning that will give you a sense of accomplishment?  Is it some form of exercise?  Journalling?  Making a sales call?  Even just reviewing your To Do list and your Goals to make sure they match up EVERY DAY.  Any thing that will make YOU feel accomplished as you start your day (only you truly know what that is for you).

And then take that feeling and do the next hard thing on your To Do list (probably a different thing every day).

Make that commitment today — for the next 30 days … then consider extending it to 60 … 90 … and beyond.  And if you really want to make that commitment strong, post a comment here letting us all know what is the hard thing you will do first each day.

Then make one more commitment — to CELEBRATE each time you’ve done that hard thing.  Give yourself a reason to celebrate YOU each and every day… and at the end of the year, you will have a BIG reason to CELEBRATE!