In the month of July, we hear the word “independence” a lot. It is always touted as if it is the ultimate in traits. We declare our independence. We celebrate our independence. But really, what is this concept of independence all about? What is the difference between dependence vs. independence vs. interdependence? There is a big difference…a chasm of difference and I don’t think we realize the fine and delightful shades of meaning when we relish our independence. Before I get into these differences I’ll give you some context.

What if I told you that the concept of independence is really a stage of wisdom? would that alter your idea a bit. When I started down this road, my mind was blown. These stages do correlate with certain stages of our life but as we move past them we incorporate that stage of wisdom into our souls. If all goes well, we can call on that stages wisdom without letting it overwhelm us. In some groups its called pre-individuation, individuation, and transindividuation, but it is the same thing.

Dependence vs. Independence vs. Interdependence: What’s the story?

Dependence: When you are in the dependent stage of your life you are in the mode of receiving information and learning. You rely upon people and haven’t individuated as your own being. The wisdom you gain at this stage in development is about group inclusion and tradition. We learn about power and what it takes to live in the world.

Independence: In this stage we venture out onto our own. We weed through all the wisdom we learned and decide who we are as individuals. The stage of independence is a wisdom of developing our own values and being able to articulate them. We gain an understanding of ourselves.

Yet, there is a third level…

Interdependence: This is a state of wisdom and spiritual awareness that many people never reach. That is unfortunate. It is a space where you finally realize that you are not the center of the universe. You finally intuit that we are all connected.  You realize that any wisdom you have is really the wisdom of all and this wisdom of the universe does not begin with us, it flows through us. It is a knowledge of interconnectedness.

When we finally reach a stage of wisdom where we realize our interdependence, something shifts. To gain this wisdom you necessarily have to have a handle on your observer perspective. When you can summon your observer you can look back on these three stages of wisdom and use all the wisdom that flows through the universe, no matter when, or at what stage you gained it.

Namaste ~ The light in me sees and honors the light in each and every one of you!