Last week, I introduced you to this month’s “Mix It Up!” business challenge, and this week I want to continue the challenge to help us focus on the “healthy” part of the Big Fish Nation tagline: “where women are happy, healthy, and wealthy.”  This week the challenge is all about mixing up your exercise routine — even if you don’t have one … yet!

It is so easy as busy entrepreneurs to put our health at the bottom of our priority list.  Let’s change that today by paying attention to our exercise needs!

When we do the same exercise routine for a while, our body gets so efficient that it uses less energy and burns fewer calories to do those routine exercises.  Those same exercises become less effective because our bodies know them so well, and by then we are probably bored with those routines too!  Even a small change in your exercise can give you an energy boost because you will use new muscles (or the same muscles but in a different way), and your body will have to provide more energy to do new movements.

So, how can you mix it up if you don’t have an exercise routine?  By starting one!  Even if you just take a short walk each day, you are mixing it up and starting to get all the benefits of a change in exercise routine.  Try it!

Our brains also get in a rut, following the same patterns when we do the same exercises day in and day out.  A new exercise literally creates new brain patterns!   It helps to keep our brains flexible and healthier, plus it opens up new possibilities just by thinking in different ways.

I recently decided I needed to mix up my exercise routine, so instead of just running every day, I do pilates classes too.  I started with one time per week, just to try it and mix it up… I love it so much I just committed to 2 times per week for one full year!!!

I will confess that I was not very excited about even trying pilates, but I can tell you I am SO glad I mixed it up — I love the change (emotionally and physically) of doing something different!  The pic is of my pilates guru, Andrea, of Pilates Andrea – we have an agreement: I do my 2 times per week for a year and then she and I will do this pose (the teaser) on the beach together next September!  Stay tuned for updates throughout the year!

You have probably heard of an “endorphin high” — it’s a natural energy boost that comes from exercise, and cross training (mixing up the kind of exercises you do) helps produce those endorphins.  That extra energy boost might be exactly what you need to solve that problem at work, or to do that bold action you committed to!

So my challenge to you this week is for you to commit to mixing up at least one thing in your exercise routine.   If you usually run or ride bike, try mixing in some weight training,  pilates or yoga.  If you don’t exercise at all, try taking a walk three times (or more!) each week.

What exercise change will you commit to starting this week?  Let us know in a comment below so we can all get ideas for how to Mix It Up!   It is time to put your health back on your priority list!

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