[text and photos by Starla J. King, Big Fish 2009-10]

I just got clip pedals installed on my road bike. Uh oh.

It makes me a wee bit (ok, a lot) nervous that most people respond to that announcement with wide eyes and phrases including wipe-out and falling over.

Really, what was I thinking?? Now my shoes (unfortunately, with my feet in them) will be clipped in – metal thingies on my cycling shoes snapped into metal brackets on the pedals.

The only way to “get out” is a quick twist of the foot. Apparently a non-instinctual move that requires some training. And falling. And road burns.

So — WHY???

  1. Because “clipping in” makes my pedaling more efficient as I become one with the bike and our energies blend seamlessly. 
  2. Because (once I get the hang of those little monsters) a secure hold on the pedals keeps me safer. My feet won’t slip off the pedals, so I avoid a potentially disastrous move when standing up on the pedals for extra oomph up the hills
  3. Because they make me feel tough… strong… like something I never thought I’d be come – a biker! I’m playin’ in the big leagues now… I have CLIP PEDALS!

Turns out that’s exactly what my annual goals do for me.

Before I went through the Big Fish Nation program last year, I thought about setting goals, but actually doing them? Never got around to it.

This year, I started my 2010 goal-setting during the annual Big Fish Goal-setting Call, and now I’ve got those puppies written down and am already making progress on them!

Like those clip pedals, the structure of goals makes me nervous. I’m an artistic, act-on-inspiration, go-as-the-spirit-leads sort of chick.

So why clip into annual goals??

  1. Because I’m more efficient in my work and my whole life when I’m more streamlined, letting my own natural energies seamlessly combine with the focus of the goals.
  2. Because goals keep my feet from slipping off the path of what I want to accomplish and who I want to be. I still get to use inspiration and intuition in reaching my goals – I just don’t wander around aimlessly so much now!
  3. Because simply having goals makes me feel tough … strong…downright invincible at times. And then reaching a goal? Oh, that feels amazing! I’m in the big leagues now – I SET GOALS and REACH THEM!

Go on, try it… I dare you. <grin> Clip into 2010!

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