“We [my family] all listen to ourselves as we do each other.  We have adventurous human experiences and our moments are filled with many spiritual experiences each day.  Life is decadent yet simple…”  

These words are part of my vision story, the description of my life 10 years from now.

As you can see, this vision story is not just about what I will have accomplished in my business by then (although it does include that), it’s also about what my relationships and my life will be like.  

*Having a clear vision is the key ingredient to a successful business.* 

You see, (pun intended) a vision gives you something to look toward… and look forward to.  It helps you “see” the path you need to take to meet your goals and get the results you pictured.

Coming up with your vision is a creative process, unique to YOU because we all have different definitions of success.  You get to decide where you want your life to be in 10 years!   

Don’t worry right now about how you’ll get there (that comes later), just focus on what the “there” will be and how the “there” will feel.  Step into your WILDLY SUCCESSFUL  life and describe it in your vision story.  

It’s important to remember that rarely is success JUST about money.   Writing your vision story is your chance to discover other areas of your life to include in your definition of success.  For example, consider what you want from/for:

  • Your health
  • Your relationships:  with yourself, your significant other, friends and family
  • Your recreation/play time
  • Your community / environment
  • etc.

Write it all down, give yourself that roadmap to success then start making that vision a reality TODAY!   I’d love to hear how it goes!


From Entrepreneur to Big Fish

RoadMap to Success

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