In last week’s blog post, I included 10 things women business owners really need in order to be successful – one of those being to celebrate our successes along the way. 

Stop for a moment and think about your most recent success – big or small.  Is it easy to remember what that success was? Did you celebrate it? 

Now think about your most recent failure – big or small.  Is it easy to remember?  Did you spend much time thinking about it, even criticizing yourself over it?

I think many women entrepreneurs are more likely to remember and spend time on shortcomings and mistakes rather than successes.   We are used to downplaying our successes and over-playing our failures, and it is so important that we change our focus!  I’m not suggesting that we overlook any shortcomings or mistakes, since they are key learning points, but we do need to make sure we don’t pay so much attention to them that we have no time or energy to celebrate our successes.

Our lives are so busy that we have programmed ourselves to always keep moving and keep working toward that next accomplishment, forgetting to stop and pay attention to what we just accomplished.  We convince ourselves that we don’t have time to celebrate, and that everything else is more important than celebrating.

I challenge us to change that belief and to increase the value of celebration in all aspects of our lives.  

Celebrating our success is important for several reasons:

  • It makes us aware of what we’ve accomplished, building our confidence to keep taking BOLD ACTIONS and reach even greater heights.
  • It gives us a reason to pause in the midst of high-action, potentially stressful days and give energy to that which we want to grow (Big Fish principal #1).   Stress is often caused by our fear that we won’t get things done or that we will fail in some way, so when we stop to celebrate a success, we change our focus from fear to belief.
  • The more room we make for celebration, the less room we have for criticism.
  • Knowing we will be celebrating our successes gives us additional motivation toward achieving success.  The more successes, the more chances to celebrate!

Here are a few ways of making celebration an integrated part our  work and personal lives :

  1. Every time you check off one task on your To Do list, take time to smile and say “excellent work!” to yourself.  Don’t roll your eyes at this until you try it… it does make a difference!
  2. Schedule time every day (or at least every week) to take a “Celebration Break” – 15 minutes or more to point out your accomplishments to yourself.   Grab a cup of coffee and write down every successful thing you can think of since the last time you did this exercise.  This will help train you to notice your accomplishments and more naturally step into “celebration mode.”
  3. Share your list with a trusted colleague and vice versa .  Celebrating together is great reinforcement and motivation!
  4. When you set a goal, also set a reward and celebration time for when that goal is accomplished… and make celebration the final step in completion of the goal.
  5. Look for things to celebrate in and for others.  If we are always ready to see things for others to celebrate, we will help them get used to celebrating AND automatically start noticing our own reasons to celebrate.

How will you start bringing more celebration into your life?  Let us know in a comment below!

Celebration is an important part of each Big Fish Nation program!  To celebrate with other Big Fish: 

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