It seems almost impossible to me, but in September, I am celebrating 12 years in business supporting entrepreneurs and leaders in creating the business and life they envision for themselves.

Since then, I have spoken to 100’s of groups, coached 1000’s entrepreneurs and leaders, and lead 100’s of groups through our Big Fish Program.

What I know is that:

1.  People that want to learn, rock!

2.  We make choices every minute that make our life.

3.  What people set their minds to and accomplish blow me away regularly.  No other person should ever stand in the way another’s vision.

4.  People change if they want to.  Matter of fact, people can do anything they choose to – but they have to choose.

5.  I have also learned that with support and coaching more is possible.  Going it alone is not human nature.  And only we can do the real work.

6.  People that take 100% responsibility for their life – are the most amazing leaders of thier life and biz.

7.  Judging is great for hiring or seeking a life partner but beyond that it creates walls and conflict and reduces the peace in our lives.

8.  Puppies and kids teach us the most about ourselves and inspire us to be our best selves if we allow them.

9.  Being used fully for all your gifts and talents is a gift… embrace being tired at the end of a day when you’ve been well used.  ‘Well’ being the key word!

10.  True happiness comes from the most simple things in life not the stuff or the bigger and better whatever.

11.  Gratitude changes everything.

12.  We can learn as much from stillness as we can from walking on fire, or a hot air ballon ride, or hang gliding, or breaking arrows with our throats.

13.  Wandering a bit in life is important…. so is staying focused on the goal… they go together in an odd way.

14.  You know, and I know that.  If we trust our selves, deep down, we know that we know.  Trust.

15.  If you want more peace, practice peace.  If you want more joy, practice joy.  If you want more success, practice success.

16.  Words matter and sometimes, they are just words…. it is when actions and words combined are aligned that mountains are moved.

17.  Bold Actions taken every day change the world.

18.  Daily quiet habits also change the world.

19.  Life is sometimes hard, challenges arise… and it is then we have to be very conscious about who we surround ourselves with.  Those are pivotal times and either sink us or we soar.  It is our choice and both take energy but they are drastically different energy.

20.  Your life impacts the world every day more than you know.

…. and I know that miracles happen every day….. On my company’s birthday this year I am opening my practice to 2 more 1-on-1 clients.  If you think you maybe one of them, email me today.  Tell me what you want to accomplish.  I look forward to hearing from you; lets talk!

I am also launching some wildly fun new programs for leaders, entrepreneurs and full life seekers very soon.  Sign up for more information in the top right hand form on this page for the news as I roll it out.

…. and Happy Birthday to YOU today… so glad you’re in this world dancing with me.