Big Impact:  A Goal-Setting Guide for Building Your Extraordinary Life

Big Impact:  A Goal Setting Guild for Building Your Extraordinary Life is a book that teaches you how to use the simple one-page annual goal-wheel tool that has been used by thousands over the past 17 years.  This tool goes beyond just identifying measurable goals, as even more importantly, it helps goal setters identify intentions for the eight areas of our lives.  What we know is that when we act authentically with intention, magic happens and our goals become even more clear.

Actions with intention also creates a more fulfilled life.  This simple tool is a game changer for all aspects of life:  Personal Growth, Health, Business/Work, Money, Significant Other, Friends/Community/Family, Environment, and Recreation/Fun.  The annual intention creates an ‘north star’ for the entire year and can provide clear direction for almost any challenge we face. Join the tribe of goal setters!

From Entrepreneur to Big Fish: 7 Principles to Wild Success

This is our first book and is the basis for all of our services, and the 7 principles are the foundation of the Big Fish Nation Program. This book is a quick read that outlines and describes the 7 principles, including exercises at the end of each chapter. It also has a spiritual tone integrated with hard core business tools — a unique and powerful approach to business and life.

From Entrepreneur to Big Fish: 7 Principles to Wild Success is a book that will assist entrepreneurs in thinking about the big picture for their business. So often, owners get caught up in the day to day ‘to do’ list and it is our job to take the company to that next level, the place we originally saw back when we launched our business.

The book offers a ‘zen’ approach to business as per Investor Business Daily when discussing the book and approach to business. It also offers real actions and real solutions, so it helps owners get back to the basics of business all the while offering a fresh approach. It is appropriate for the new owners as well as the long time owner that wants to be re-inspired.

This book is not just a book — at the end of each chapter are exercises that will help you:

  • cement your new awarenesses
  • document your vision and goals•
  • get extremely intentional about your actions

Learn How to Be a Big Fish!

“Lots of inspiration! I think I found an idea on every page, and I found the book very inspirational. I am a Vistage member, and my chair/coach through the last 11 years is 100% on the same track as you. I read quite a bit of inspirational literature, but your book took the prize. My company is a double-digit million dollar firm, and I have a fresh new vision to go even bigger!  I realize it needs to come from me, and I feel ready to do it after reading this book!’

Hannah Kain

President and CEO, ALOM

SPLASH! How Women Entrepreneurs Dive Into Success

Announcing SPLASH! How Women Entrepreneurs Dive Into Success, by Lorin Beller Blake! A follow-up to her first book, From Entrepreneur to Big Fish, 7 Principles to Wild SuccessSPLASH! was written based on Lorin’s experiences of working with thousands of women throughout the past decade.

Readers will learn how to:

  • create a vision story
  • set, write and achieve goals, yet not be confined by them
  • set intentions and use intuition to release limiting beliefs
  • see powerful results

They will also gain from the added nuggets of wisdom shared throughout the book by 21 women entrepreneurs who have made a “big Splash” in their respective industries. Click here for the interviewee bios [pdf]!

If you are ready to achieve a full, balanced life, as defined by yourself, not the world, and would like to learn how a way of being in “best self” in all circumstances can help you create your own “big Splash” in the world, this practical, yet inspirational how-to guide will help you take the plunge!

Individual Copies

Bundles for meetings, groups, and conferences!

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Hear why Lorin wrote this book and why it is a must read for women entrepreneurs seeking success in business and in life:

“This book was a game changer for me.  Lorin has a completely different way of presenting strategies to success that I related to like no other book.  Truly, a game changer!’

Cindy Laverty

Radio Show Host and Entrepreneur

Road Map to Success

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This book is a series of interviews with the publisher.  He interviews 14 experts on business success, including Steven Covey, Ken Blanchard, and our own Lorin Beller Blake.

Lorin’s chapter is called “The Zen of Business,”  a new, unique, and cutting edge way of thinking about success. 

This book is a powerful mix of authors that are all experts on success topics.   $20.00  – click here to order this book NOW, or…

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The Guys Guide to Lots of Great Sex (for Women Too)

The Guys Guide to Lots of Great Sex (for women too) will inspire you to be your best self in your relationship.  Showing our best selves to the world is important, but more important is being our best selves with those we love, those we are closest too – those we see every day.  When we do that, oh, the places a relationship can go!  This is a book to be enjoyed and shared.  It is the perfect gift for an engagement or wedding.  It is humorous, light and a fun little hardcover gift book.  Let’s transform the world, two people at a time!

This book was inspired by you, my clients, who through one-on-one coaching sessions often share your struggles with your significant relationships.  And what I have observed is when we have that significant other that has our back on our journey, what a difference it makes whether you are a guy or woman.  This book will make you laugh.  It will make you think about how you can be your best self with your partner.