This week, even though we are wrapping up our month of “official” Bold Action challenges, I challenge you to KEEP GOING and make BOLD ACTION a way of life!

When you truly commit to BOLD actions and consistently carry those commitments through, you will soon notice the impact on not just a project here and there, but on your whole way of work and life.  BOLD actions help break through the work and home “compartments,”  integrating them in a way that creates bigger change and wilder success in both areas.

In the Bold Action Roundup post, I shared actual BOLD actions from women entrepreneurs of Big Fish Nation, so this week,  I’m sharing with you some RESULTS so you can see for yourselves the power of these BOLD actions!

********* One Big Fish Said:
A light switched clicked for me one day when I listened to someone say, “I’m too stressed to quit smoking”.   I realized I was pretty much giving in to the same rediculous excuse with food…..stress eating.

So, my big bold action:  Eat Vegan.  The biggest reason I chose to make this change,  I was not liking myself (inside and outside) and thus not BEING my best self.

Just like changing the way I think about my business and money (abundant and forward moving), I now think in a powerful, accepting and smart way about food and body image.  Stress eating is a crutch to aviod dealing with the real issues.  This is a change that is meant to stick with me for life now! —Michelle Bonn, Expedient Trade

********* Another Big Fish Said:
In 30 days I’ve sold my home, moved into a new space with a view of Lake Superior, rented a new space for my Pilates studio, revamped my website to align health and lifestyle services, and joined Big Fish Nation. These are foundational pieces I’ve visioned for quite some time and the beginning on my encore niche.”  — Leslie Hamp,

********* Another Big Fish Said:
“My Bold Action was to take a silent weekend retreat…mountains, lake, early morning, listening for my business to speak to me.   It was AWESOME!  I realized that I need to do this more often- so I have scheduled it in every quarter! A good respite & re-energizer!” — Shannon Crawford, Something to Celebrate

******** Another Big Fish Said:
I have visited and scripted six cities for walking tours in the past month – bold action for a new business I am launching. Then I came back to Florida and made HUGE leaps in renovating my home to be able to put it on the market. My goal wheel with Lorin had me getting my house on the market by August and launching my business by end of summer.” — Lynn Griffith, Welcome Events

I would love to hear your BOLD action results — share with us in a comment here, or at our Big Fish Nation Facebook page so we can all celebrate your successes!

If you are ready to make BOLD actions a way of life, but don’t know either where to start … or how to keep going … Big Fish Nation can help.  Read last week’s blog post for more information!