There’s nothing more intoxicating than doing big, bold, things. Jason Kilar

It is our second week of the BOLD ACTIONS business challengehow are your BOLD actions coming along??

Have you given yourself the chance to experience that “intoxicating” feeling of accomplishing something outside your comfort zone??

I just did a BOLD action myself — and it’s in my video this week:

As you could see from my video, this week is all about SHARING our BOLD actions…  so I want to give you some inspiration from other Big Fish who committed to specific BOLD actions last week.

The following are real live examples of what other women entrepreneurs are working on in Big Fish Programs RIGHT NOW:

  • Join a Pilates Studio!
  • Silent 2.5 day retreat: to rejuvenate, and to hear the voice of my business speaking to me!
  • Record a web video for a new Products 101 eCourse!
  • Become comfortable riding my bicycle for 25-40 miles in a group!
  • Flesh out an outline for an e-course complete with milestone dates!
  • Set a promotion plan for a new website launch!
  • Get writing! Block time on my calendar to write every single week & come up with a publishing schedule I can stick with!
  • Create a rough draft of my new online course!
  • Get my Facebook fan page up and running., with over 100 fans by end of next week!
  • Do something for myself, i.e. a cooking class!

(I added some of those exclamation points so you can see how motivating it is to “say” your BOLD actions powerfully!)

What BOLD actions are you ready for??? WHY WAIT? Let us know what you are ready to do!