Rachael Atamian participates in the first 2016 Big Fish group, the Stargazers, and chronicles her adventures.

I am shocked, once again, at the beauty and depth of insight gained from our most recent Stargazer’s conference call. The last call was focused upon Values and the exercise of creating my values statements was monumental. Despite years of religious training and spiritual indoctrination, I had never enumerated my values.

Doing so, interestingly enough, was a boost to how I view myself. Since my annual intention is “Love me now”, this was perfectly perfect.

So what are my value statements, you ask?

1. I believe that Creativity is the most motivating force in the world. We will bring that to you.
2. I became a lawyer and couldn’t do it – that is how much I value ethics and honesty! Truth Matters. All of it. You can count on me/us.
3. I believe in Compassion for all of humanity. I want to put myself in your shoes. This is a gift we give each other. And how I do my job for you so well. We will connect with your heart. Touching another person’s soul is how I go about my work.
4. Kindness and Joy is another way we go about our work each day – a smile can do more than we know. It is free and easy to give. By being in the present moment, you can count on our exchanges to be that – kind and joyful.
5. I honor intuition. I trust my intuitive voice to inform my world and breathe life into my work. It allows me to look deeper into the world around me and assign value to things, otherwise ignored.

Our values are indelibly linked with our passion. Transitioning to passion was easy for me because I generally spend my life in a pretty passionate state. I don’t do much without an amazing penchant and flair for passion. The amazing thing was getting a grip on why that was the case. Passion is all about curiosity and boy am I curious. I am curious to a fault. In fact, to let you on a little secret, I even like going through another person’s junk drawer. I am just dying of curiosity to figure out what you have in that drawer.

Finally, we explored Purpose. Purpose creates the larger meaning of our life. Our purpose creates the larger meaning in life. Our purpose gives life meaning. It is our sense of calling. It is what is the difference I want to make in the world? It is phrased as a statement of:
I am the _____________ that brings _____________. My initial thought could not be more perfect. I am energy that brings joy!

We connected the three concepts together with a metaphor.

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Values are the curbs on the road. Curiosity is the fuel that has us keep moving forward, and Purpose defines reason or motivation for taking the trip in the first place.


In my business I see creativity, ethics, and intuition ruling the day. I almost can’t wait to put that out there…with my energy that brings joy, I feel unstoppable.