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Emily Knudson
Owner of: Empowered Fitness
Big Fish Case Study



What Kind of Business: Personal Training Studio located near Charlotte, NC

Before Big Fish, I was a business owner that was an expert in fitness but felt I was not the best, most savvy, business woman. I was all about my work. I have a family but I was not spending quality time with them. My work phone was forwarded to my cell phone after work every night and I took the calls each time the phone rang. I was ready for help and direction in my life and business. I was ready for a whole new level of income and lifestyle.

What is different about me as a leader because of being a Big Fish during the past year:
1. Core Corporate Values made a huge difference in how we assess and hire staff.
2. Developing written protocols and documentation for staff and functioning of the studio allowed the business to function better without me allowing me to now own a more sustainable business.
3. The goal wheel has helped me have higher functioning intentions. I go about things in a much more intentional manner making life easier and more fun.
4. I feel much more balanced and connected to family not because I am at the studio less really but more because I know my values, know my priorities and have a clear vision of what I am creating both as a mom, wife and a business owner.
5. As a leader, I spread my leadership skills out into the community this past year (via NAWBO and a local Business Advocacy Group of which I started). I also have inspired my staff to step into a bigger leadership role at the studio which has them take more responsibility. I am definitely a much more confident leader in every aspect of my life.
6. We assessed and added many more profitable services and cut out unprofitable services.
7. I have expanded and integrated as a woman, a person, and a business owner. I love the fact that Big Fish Nation is a goal oriented program. I thrive in that setting.

Bottom-line Impact:

• In 2009 compared with 2008, we grew the business 555.8% in net income!
• 2010 first quarter compared to 2009 first quarter, we increased our net income 32.1% and 42.9% better in gross profit margin also
• Last year we served a max of 32 clients at any one time, this year current clients served thus far is 54 and it is only April!

If you would like to speak with me, Emily Knudson, about the Big Fish Program, you can reach me at: or 980.621.2060 or check us out at:

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