visionRachael Atamian participates in the first 2016 Big Fish group, the Stargazers, and chronicles her adventures.

A couple months ago, after figuring out our niche…we paused (at least that is the way I felt) to examine our vision. This is a snapshot of our future 10 years down the road. How do things look? Smell? Taste? It could be written as a journal entry or just free form. Immediately, when we discussed this, I got an instant BAM snapshot and I have to tell you, it doesn’t resemble my life now, at all.

The first interesting thing I noticed is how tied to my home and home imagery I am. It is my world. My home actually became an allegory for my life. I walked into various rooms where different sorts of magic were created. The beauty is that it was created by me, all that lovely magic. Then, as if becoming my own hero and the creator of my own universe were not enough, I finally included some vision of my business tied with my own creative power.

I placed my computer and my web design business squarely in my creative space in the upper room of my abode. Corresponding with the third eye, my creative center, able to be seen from below and possessing an otherworldly glow of calm and peace, sits my computer.  This hub of creative action is the source of the energy fueling all of this greatness. For the first time, I believed in the vision of union between my business world and my creative world. The aura of that goodness flooded my internal abode.

The final important piece to this puzzle is that my vision was just about me. Other than animals…there was just me in my great home. That is because this vision is so much bigger. It is me. It is what is available, globally. My vision is who I am to become.