negative self imageRachael Atamian participates in the first 2016 Big Fish group, the Stargazers, and chronicles her adventures.

The next installment in my Big Fish adventure continues with learning how to change my negative self talk. What a relief. When you start changing the way you think about the world, you are changing your experience in it. You don’t believe me? Just wait. You (like me) don’t realize you are walking around with all these things we tell ourselves about ourselves. You know the garbage, “People don’t take me seriously.” “I have a screechy voice.” “I couldn’t possibly make over X amount per year.” I call these voices my bitches in the attic. Sometimes they are screaming at you. Other times, you can barely hear their chanting, but it doesn’t mean they aren’t there, exercising their power over you. Lorin calls them Limiting Beliefs and she has quite the method for taking the power out of them and replacing them with the alternative.

So, when I learned that my bitches in the attic could, more than be silenced, could be evicted totally, I was eager. I mean, I have a whole Red Tent of those nasty voices up there chattering. We have the power to step into an empowered belief. Lorin gave us a method for changing these patterns that gives us a choice in the moment whether to accept the limiting belief or the empowered one. What I didn’t know is that kicking out those wicked shrews leaves ripples throughout your world. Once you decide that you are worthy to be respected as a human being rather than a person who isn’t taken seriously, it is hard to live in a world created to make you feel silly and unimportant. In fact, I have had to take stock and review my relationships where I am disregarded or lied to because I am not important enough for honesty.

When you start rearranging your thoughts, your life starts shifting in such beautiful ways. The shifts may be a bit difficult for some but the great part is that they are happening organically because you are ready for them and have evolved enough to incorporate them into your life.  It is an amazing resource to be able to manage your thinking and give those bitches the old heave ho.