becoming loveWhat is love, really? I have to admit that I’m have a hard time, with our global energy of general negativity, becoming any sort of love, let alone the love and excitement this month of love promises. Maybe a more clinical look will bring some insight…will a clinical eye ever reveal love? We shall find out. Sometimes just concentrating heavily on a certain subject can bring us into the present. I was always taught that the Greeks believed there were three types of love (although I now know they believed there are six, these three will do just fine for now).

  • Eros: This is sexual love and passion. Eros is the god of fertility and desire. This love is wild and out of control. It is the chemistry that makes your heart beat fast when you are in the presence of someone…well someone who makes your heart beat fast. It is tingles and giggles.
  • Philia: Oh, philia…it is the deepest of friendships. It is that friendship that rises above acquaintance so high that you love love love that person. It is a love of loyalty and sacrifice. It is also embodies the idea of sharing emotions with another person.
  • Agape: This love is selfless love. It is the love you feel for humanity. It is the love you feel when your heart breaks for a child across the world who you have never met. It is called charity. It is called the pure love of Christ. It is called “universal loving kindness” in Theravāda Buddhism.

For me, I’ve never been able to parse things apart so perfectly and neatly. That causes its own set of fun problems. All my loves bleed together and swirl around together. When I love you, I love you with my whole being. Maybe being so empathic, I can feel your heart and when you get up close to a person’s heart, it is hard not to feel all the above operating to some extent…but I think it is more than that.

For me, love happens in in the present moment, like joy. Love is energy that floods into your being and engulfs you wholly. Being able to go to that place where you are aware of being aware. You know, when you look out on the world and you become acutely aware of smells and sights and the feel of the heat of the sun on your skin. It is a place of stillness and, yet, pulsating with energy. This is the place mindfulness.

Think about it….when you are in moments where you feel love so intensely, no matter what type it is, it is like time slows down in that space. You become present in a way where love overtakes the rest of your senses. In this present moment we stop doing the acts of doing love and start being that which we seek. Love floods into our being and we become love. Our energetic souls, literally, pulsate with light and love.

We can find that present feeling, of becoming love, by encountering another soul that sparks ours so heatedly that light overtakes your soul. However, that feeling can be fleeting and fickle. It is dependent upon so many outside and inside variables. It is dependent upon  encountering, either physically or mentally, another person at a certain time and space. If they disappoint, or fail to meet our expectations…that lovely feeling fizzles. Of course, not forever, but in that moment. Sometimes you encounter a lover or friend and you feel that feeling. Sometimes you don’t.  The question is, is there a way to be that love energy more often? always?

I kind of think there is. In fact I know there is and it is incredible and wonderful. It is in that present moment, remember?

Even more profound a question is, how does becoming love change what you see? How does becoming love affect the other souls you encounter? You may even find you’re really a love warrior. Now look there, I turned that negativity right off.