It’s hard to believe it’s almost back-to-school time already!  I can feel the excitement in the air as kids get ready to start a new school year, and their parents get ready for a different routine.

As I help my daughter prepare for going back to school, I’ve been thinking about ways I can have my own “back to school” celebration … but with my business.

Here are 5 “Back-to-School” tips for entrepreneurs:

1. Treat yourself to new supplies:

  • Refresh your office space with new pens, pencils and notebooks — choosing only ones you LOVE.
  • Get a new “backpack” (briefcase, laptop case, etc).
  • Get some brightly-colored, fun post-it notes and tabs.

2. Give yourself a reason to get (re) excited about your business:

  • Give yourself a “Fall Kickoff” date and gear up to jumpstart the rest of your year.
  • Go to bed early the night before your “Fall Kickoff” (set out a new outfit while you’re at it!)
  • Start your work the next morning with the excitement of a schoolkid.

3. Plan to make new friends:

  • Set networking and partnering goals to meet new people and bring in new business.
  • Sit with someone else during lunch (but you don’t have to trade sandwiches).
  • Offer help when available and ask for help when needed.

4.  Learn something new:

  • Even if it’s not directly tied to your business, learning something new gives your brain extra energy.
  • New learning can give you a new perspective on your business.
  • In what area can you serve your clients better?  Learn more about that!

5.  Bring the teacher an apple … and save one for yourself

  • If you appreciate someone, tell them and show them.
  • Healthier eating can give you more energy for your life and business.
  • When caring for others, remember to also care for yourself.

What other ways will you be getting your business “back to school” over the next couple weeks?  Share with us in a comment below or on our Facebook page!

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