What’s your reaction when you hear the word “selling” or “sales”?   Do you want to change the subject and get out of that conversation as quickly as possible?

Most of us have had the experience of being “sold to” — being talked at, or being told that we need something that we really don’t care about — so we are afraid we might come across in that same way.  We also have this idea that there is only one right way to make a sale, and that it requires us to be pushy and demanding to “force” a sale.  If I had to sell in that way, I wouldn’t want to either!

I actually love sales, and I will tell you my secret why:  I just show up as myself and have an intentional conversation about something I truly believe in.   It is a natural (authentic) way for me to “sell” and it gets results!

So when you are getting ready to sell something, remember these 3 tips:

1.     Be yourself  

If you try to be like someone else, your prospect will probably feel that you’re acting, and will quickly lose trust.  When you’re being who you truly are, your prospect can more easily connect with you and start building the relationship that leads to sales.

2.  Have an intentional conversation

Set your intent (for example, “to help this person as much as possible”), then have a conversation — not a lecture or sales pitch.  Ask what your prospect needs and really listen to the answers and offer ways your product or service can meet their specific needs.  And, just as importantly, if your product or service does not meet their needs, be honest with your prospect about it!  They will remember your honesty and willingness to help, and may provide referrals to you or even come back for a new offering of yours.

3.  Show that you believe in what you’re selling

Are you passionate about how your offering can help the world around you?  (If not, you might need to make some changes in your offerings!)  Let that excitement show and you will find you naturally share about the value of what you’re selling.  When you are enthusiastic about your offering, it is a lot easier for your prospect to be also!

Selling does not have to be something you want to avoid.  What are some ways you can start being more authentic in your selling?

Authentic selling is such an important and enjoyable topic to me that I have created a 90-day Authentic Sales Boot Camp.  

This Boot Camp will have you learn more about how to make sales in a way that fits with your style… and be accountable for increasing your bottom line before years’ end.  (The boot camp starts at the end of August, so make sure to reserve your spot!  Get more information and watch my video here.)