As I posted last month, I have been in business 12 years and I as enter my teen years, I have been connecting with many of my old clients.  And I’ve been LOVING the conversations.

I am finding that they are:

  • Flying for the most part, their businesses are rocking!
  • One left her larger company and launched a smaller one, but she happier then ever with simple.
  • They have created a life that allows for great family time, one is traveling all over the country and working from her RV!
  • They are focused on usually up to 3 things at most in their business.  They are streamlined!
  • One finished her book!
  • They all are having FUN!
  • One is expanding her businesses outside of the US boarders and see our world as her oyster.
  • One is in Africa, as I write this… doing good in the world.
  • Some have grown million dollar plus businesses in the past few years.
  • They are drawing the line on taking care of themselves – one ran her first marathon.
  • One in particular has a business that is floundering.  Her service has become a commodity, it has changed drastically the past few years but she is not floundering, she is hopeful and redesigning her life and business.  I admire her strength and stamina as she puts life back together again.

As I connect with them, I am reminded that we are truly the ones that create our life and business.  So, don’t be surprised if I reach out to you for a conversation, to connect, to learn what you’ve been up to and what impact you are having in the world.  What I realize in my businesses ‘teen years’ is support matters.  Every decision we make, helps shape our life and business.  Connection matters.