One of my jobs years ago was as a Stress Management expert, training thousands of people. It seems that so many people are under stress these days. Stress from balancing so much, stress from the economy, stress from money being tight, stress from relationships, stress from our own expectations, stress from others expectations, stress from health issues, stress from not eating well, stress from lack of exercise, stress from so many things.
Wayne Dyer says it best, ‘Change the way we look at things and the things we look at change.’ What does this mean when it comes to managing stress?
I am going to offer 7 stress management tips starting with the above mentioned quote:
1. When we change our perspective (how we look at things), the things we look at change. Perspective is so important when it comes to our own stress. So often our perspective causes the stress and if we can find a fresh perspective there is always another one that can put us in a more grateful mood.
2. Stay in the present moment. This is the most powerful moment there is and when we stay present in the current moment, there is much less to be stress about. Normally our stress comes from anticipating things that actually never happen or worrying about things that have already past!
3. Move! Exercise. Taking care of ourselves is the greatest way to feel in charge again.
4. Eat healthy! Many times when we are stressed we over indulge in unhealthy habits such as sugar, alcohol, carbs of any kind. Eat well and it will do two things: have us feel in charge and have us feel good about taking care of ourselves.
5. As a business owner one of the greatest ways to feel less stress is to do something productive! Something bold that will advance your company quickly.
6. Always stay in your power. The minute you step into feeling a victim of your situation, you have lost your power and you are giving it up to the situation. Be your BEST self!
7. Gratitude. Find three things to be grateful for.