This week (Wednesday, Nov 30 – Friday, Dec 2) is our Big Fish Nation Celebration-themed Starfish Retreat in San Diego, and we invite you to join us online from wherever you are!

Big Fish Starla J. King will be our field reporter from the Retreat: blogging, tweeting, and “Facebooking” during the full 2.5 days so you can taste the experience yourself!

Follow the fun, progress, and celebration (including pictures):

As I mentioned in a recent blog post, I have been meeting with the women entrepreneurs who signed up for this retreat for several weeks already — setting and working on goals to be reached by retreat time.  Some of our reasons to celebrate are:

  • The launch of a new business
  • The launch of a next phase of life
  • The completion of a new eCourse offering
  • The completion of a new book proposal
  • Progress in learning to take better care of and nurturing ourselves
  • Progress toward a business exit strategy
  • and SO much more…

What is YOUR reason to celebrate??  Use this week as a time to pay attention to what you have accomplished, and celebrate with us! 

As usual, I have a BIG surprise in store for the retreat participants — you won’t want to miss this one, because I think it might be my best yet  (which is saying a lot when compared to breaking arrows with throats and “what happens in the Adirondacks stays in the Adirondacks“!!)

Follow us on Twitter, Friend us/Become a Fan on Facebook, and join us online Wednesday – Friday to celebrate together!  

Why not set a full year of reasons to celebrate in 2012?

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