What if…..

You had enough time to work and get the important work done that had you make the income you wanted too?!

What if….

You had enough time to do the things that make you happy? and healthy??

What if…..  You had a 30-hour work week?!

Doesn’t a 30 hour work week sound wonderful?Even though I absolutely LOVE my work, I still LOVE thinking about 30 hours of work instead of 40, 50, 60…

This month, our Business Challenge is to Create a 30 Hour Work Week for ourselves. Why?  BECAUSE WE CAN. And because it makes sense for so many other reasons.  I will tell you more about those “in person” in the video below:

So now you’ve heard more about the challenge, it’s time to start creating YOUR 30 hour work week!

  1. Set a timer to check in on your tasks every 30 minutes:  Is the “what” and “how” of your task making it GREAT work that will help you streamline to a 30 hour work week?
  2. Ask for help in your most help-able and help-needed areas.
  3. Schedule Sales & Marketing tasks for 25% of your time!

Stay tuned next week for more ways to create YOUR 30 hour work week.  I’m serious about this — are you?? Let us know in a comment below!