Happy Independence Day!    I love watching the fireworks at this time of year, so full of beauty and surprise — and a great excuse to write about one of my favorite topics:  independence vs. interdependence.

As business owners, we tend to focus most on independence and everything that we are able to do on our own.  However, what I have seen so often when working with business owners is that much of what we need to relearn is how and when to ask for help… especially with the big things!

Big goals in life can only be done when we do it in teams and ask for help along the way.  

Remember the phrase, “it takes a village to raise a child”?  It’s the same for our businesses, and for ourselves.  This year more than ever before, I have relied on my “village” to help me build and care for my business, my family and myself.  True, we can often accomplish important things on our own, but when we join with other people in INTERDEPENDENCE, each area of our lives and work can have a much greater impact.


You can practice interdependence right now by looking at your 2012 goals.  Ask yourself in each area, “What do I need help with?”  and “who can help me?”   Get creative!  Trade services, partner with others, gather together groups for unique support — there are many ways to find and receive help if you are willing to be open and to ask!

True success takes being interdependent — are you willing to ask for help?

As you watch fireworks this year, wish yourself a Happy INTERdependence Day!

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