I love reading really great blog posts by other thought leaders.  Every now and then a great one strikes me.  I read this blog post by Seth Godin recently it was too good not to share:


This is what his blog post said (short and powerful) exactly:


Demonstrating strength

  • Apologize
  • Defer to others
  • Avoid shortcuts
  • Tell the truth
  • Offer kindness
  • Seek alliances
  • Volunteer to take the short straw
  • Choose the long-term, sacrificing the short
  • Demonstrate respect to all, not just the obviously strong
  • Share credit and be public in your gratitude

Risking the appearance of weakness takes strength. And the market knows it.

-By Seth Godin


I shared it with a Big Fish Group…. And a one of the women blurted out:  ‘That sounds like a LOOSER!  I love it because I do all those things!!  I guess I am not a looser!”

I just loved her response to it!

I truly believe that Seth Godin is spot on (when is he not!); these actions are those of some one that is strong and powerful.  These actions are the leaders of the 21st century.

I also believe that if you, as a women business owner, find that you are not doing these things in life and business, you are probably not feeling as powerful as you possibly can.  These are the natural tendencies of a healthy, confident, ego in check, self-actualized person man or woman.  So let your true self-shine!  Be the powerful, strong person that you are.

His last line is powerful, ‘the market knows it.’ When we are not stepping into this more heartfelt place it is transparent too.  The market is wise, the market is knowing, and the market responds accordingly.

Isn’t so much easier to be our real, true selves and being our stronger, more authentic self is better for the bottom line!

You know when you are in your strength.  I’ll meet you there!!