The best way to get a glimpse of Lorin in action is to watch her most recent TEDx speech:

This approach of Lorin’s has become a game-changer for audiences across the country, as she offers a unique blend of :

  • Powerful fresh perspectives
  • Practical wisdom in the form of ideas that can be implemented that very same day
  • Entertainment and engagement to bring out laughter, tears, and a strong view of possibility
  • Inspiration through case studies, storytelling, tips and tools.

Audiences leave Lorin’s speaking engagements ready to roll up their sleeves and dive into their life’s adventure deeper than ever before.

Lorin speaks for audiences such as:

  • Entrepreneur Organizations (National and International) such as Chambers of Commerce
  • Women Entrepreneur Organizations
  • Corporate America’s Women’s Groups
  • Student Groups (in Educational Institutions / Universities)
  • Sales and Marketing Groups (National and International)
  • Book Clubs that are reading Lorin’s books (typically via Skype)

Lorin speaks on a variety of topics:

Sales and Marketing Strategies for Women Entrepreneurs

In Lorin’s mind, sales it really service – and if we can serve well –  REALLY WELL, (which most women can) we can turn that natural skill into a sales and marketing engines that converts the people you are caring for well (potential clients) into paying clients easily!

7 Gifts of Gratitude

Lorin has worked with 1000’s over the years and what she knows is that when someone is maintaining a practice of gratitude, they become change agents.  When someone does not see their own power, maintaining this one practice will transform the worst situation.  This powerful talk has big impact.

From Single Moms to Freedom-Preneurs!

Because it IS possible.  Lorin is a single mom.  She has created a lifestyle that allows her to spend quality time with her daughter and even her dog!  She has created a business that affords her a flexible schedule, a home on the east coast, and a home on the west coast.  Lorin is truly like the girl next store.  If she can do it, SO CAN YOU!!  Lorin will share her secretes on how she does this.

Vision development

Every great leader needs a vision.  But once that vision is created and harnessed, what to do with it?  Lorin will be sure that every participant leaves with a powerful vision, written.  It will be one of the greatest tools you have.  But just as important, you will leave with exactly how and when to use that tool.

Developing an Entrepreneurial Mindset in a Corporate World

If you are a leader in a corporate setting and you look out and see these nimble entrepreneur’s small businesses and wish that your team thought they do, this invigorating talk is for you!  Because in order to compete today in the corporate world we need our team members to think like entrepreneurs – but how do we transform them?  IT is time to unleash the spirit within your team!  Allow Lorin to open this door for you.  It will shake things up and open minds, inspire the sleeping…. Psst.  Awaken your team!

The 7 Secrets of Wild Success (Based on her book)

Lorin removes the mystery around these secrets by turning them into 7 powerful Big Fish Principles — the basis of Lorin’s first book and the foundation of all the Big Fish programs.   Each of these 7 principles provides a framework for new understanding and a shift in self-defeating behaviors.  The combination of all 7 will help any audience create more success and satisfaction in their lives and businesses.  (Great for entrepreneur organizations!)


Tech Tools for Every Entrepreneur

In 1993 when I first started an internet access company (with 2 partners), the only technology tool we had was the internet.  Now 20+ years later, there are millions of apps, software, and hardware!  How do we determine what to use and when we need it.  Lorin will share, her top 7 tech tools (that are almost free) that makes being an entrepreneur so much easier in the 21stcentury.

SPLASH!  How Women Entrepreneurs Create Success (Based on her book)

This topic is based on her latest book.  Lorin shares very clear ‘hows’ in order to create success – hands on skills, tools and bold actions that will help women create the impact that they intend to have in the world.  (women’s organizations!)

From Disorder & Disarray to a System that works for you

With things to do coming at us these days from email, text messages, phone calls, in person appointments, browsing, twitter, facebook messaging, linked in messages, it is almost impossible NOT to drop things that need to be done.  And when we drop things,  we loose money, we loose a quality reputation, we loose great referrals, etc.  Lorin will share some real strategies in how to tighten up and create a system for yourself that will keep you looking like the pro you are!

Powerful Goal Setting for Wild Results 

In this program, Lorin takes the “yuck” away from goal-setting and turns it into an energy-boosting exercise that people actually ENJOY doing!   This program uses the Big Fish Goal Wheel, a powerful tool for all-inclusive life and business goal-setting.  This program is especially appropriate from October – January of each year… but will truly be effective any time of year.  (Excellent End the year/4th quarter program, book now to get the date you want!!)

Lorin has spoken for:
  • Sales and Marketing International (SMEI)
  • Canada’s International Women Entrepreneur Organization
  • EWomenNetwork chapters all over the country as well as their National Conference
  • NAWBO chapters all over the country
  • Chambers of Commerce from Coast to Coast
  • Mom’s in Business Unite National Conference
  • The prestigious Impact Austin
  • Ladies Who Launch Chapters
  • Positively Pittsburgh Annual Event for Women Entrepreneurs
  • Trade Organizations
  • Wisdom and Work (Austin, TX)
  • and others!

To book a speaking date, please call Lorin Beller’s office at 518.542.1459 or email us!

“Lorin spoke at our National Sales and Marketing Executives International Conference. (SMEI). Lorin is not shy about challenging her audience. Her presentations are not designed to help people feel good. They challenge people to learn, to grow, to do better…in a manner that people feel comfortable receiving. That’s a skill – or perhaps an art – that few speakers possess. It’s been a privilege for me to listen and learn from Lorin in the past and I look forward to the next time I can be in her audience.”

Peter G. Pollak

Chairman, ReadMedia, Inc. and National Board of Sales and Marketing Executives International

“Lorin was on a ‘Savvy selling panel’ for our national conference. The panel was one of the most popular and well received break outs for our 3000+ women attending our national conference. Since them, Lorin has been speaking at various chapters around the country literally from coast to coast: Albany, New York; Austin, Texas; Dallas, Texas; Nashville, TN; San Diego, CA; and more. Every time Lorin speaks, our Managing Directors and their attendees have only rave reviews.”

Kym Yancy

President, eWomenNetwork

“Lorin Beller was the Keynote for our Annual Conference.  Lorin presents unique concepts for women entrepreneurs in a lively and inspiring way. She’s great to work with, very accommodating, and the audience at our conference became raving fans!”

Randa Cote

Moms in Business Unite

“I had the pleasure of meeting and listening to Lorin Beller speak at the Mom’s in Business Unite Conference where she was the KeyNote speaker and I left there feeling inspired, motivated and in complete awe. In fact what I said to my friend sitting next to me was, ‘I just got my money’s worth.’’

Debby Boe

Owner, Sealed & Delivered

“We had the pleasure of featuring Lorin as our speaker at a recent National Association of Women Business Owners monthly program. Her presentation was inspiring and through provoking.  Her relaxed delivery created an immediate connection with her audience. Lorin dives into topics that are key to women fully experiencing the success they desire. Motivating those attending to examine their perspective and explore more fulfilling strategies.  Lorin’s presentation was incredibly impactful and really resonated with our NAWBO membership”

Rene Johnson-Gingrich

Programs, NAWBO NW

“Lorin was our Moderator for our Impact Austin annual speaker series for our members. She moderated a discussion among 2 other professional women, one of which is nationally known the other internationally known. Lorin was ‘the golden thread that wove it all together!’ Lorin facilitated the panel’s conversation beautifully…and enriching it with comments of her own.”

Pam Blaine

Impact Austin

“Lorin came to kick off the New Year at our National Association of Women Business Owners – Greater Austin Chapter. She inspired, motivated, and even created some big ‘ah ha’ moments for our members and guests. Lorin takes business processes and reframes them to be used by women to be more powerful tools. Lorin is a perfect speaker for NAWBO as she is an expert on how to achieve success like a woman! Thank you, Lorin! Your talk was terrific.”

Nancy J. Williamson

Co-Founder, NAWBO Austin

“I had the opportunity to hear Lorin speak… immediately I implemented what she suggested.  In 3 days I got 3 new clients!  Lorin’s message changed my world!”

Carol Smith

Eurotech Kuechen

“I just wanted you to let you know that your interview on my show the Professionals with Impact is still one of the most popular I have done and still getting listeners.”

Joanne Quinn-Smith

CEO, Dreamweaver Marketing Associates, Positively Pittsburgh

“Before Lorin Beller arrived in Knoxville to present, “What Does It Take for a Woman to Become Wildly Successful?” at the eWomenNetwork Accelerated Networking Event, the event “sold out.” The audience actively participated in Lorin’s entertaining and informative presentation. The common theme following her presentation was that she was one of our best speakers yet and many asked about having her back for an encore presentation. In addition to Lorin being an accomplished presenter, I have seen the impact of her coaching. One of our members and a client of Lorin’s has completely transformed and grown her business since becoming a “Big Fish” with the Big Fish Nation program.”

Jeanne Griffin

Managing Director, Knoxville, TN eWomenNetwork

Lorin Beller has spoken at our NAWBO San Diego Chapter a couple of times over the years.  Lorin comes to us with vast knowledge and experience in servicing women entrepreneurs.  When she comes to speak we can always count on her to deliver a professional, lively and off the beaten path perspective that leaves us inspired with hands on tools to use immediately.  Lorin is dedicated to NAWBO’s vision and mission and has been supporting the organization for years and inspires others to do the same. We are very fortunate to have her in our NAWBO sisterhood.

Helena C. Correll

Chapter Administrator, NAWBO Sand Diego