“I look back on my Big Fish application last December and I’m not the same person — nor is my company (yeah)!”

– Lisa McComb, President and Chief Operating Officer of Legal XtraNet Inc. (LXI).

 One of the favorite parts of my work is the chance to watch the success of Big Fish Nation members, and to see their stories grow and change through the course of the program.  This week I have the honor of sharing Lisa Mc Comb’s story with you.

Lisa is one of our Star Fish members, a new Big Fish program this year that has morphed into the Big Fish Boot Camp for next year.   She is President and COO of Legal XtraNet Inc., a multi-million dollar firm providing a powerful  eDiscovery solution for corporate legal departments including customized discovery software and partnerships with professional litigation support teams.

Legal Xtranet Inc.

Lisa joined Star Fish because she “liked the idea of Big Fish — working on you and your business. I have an MBA. I have gone through Business Development courses with the leaders in my company.  It was all academia based and I was ready for more.

So how has the Star Fish program worked for Lisa? Let’s hear it in her own words:

“I have beaten my head against the wall for several years trying to get my team to do what I want them to do using the methods I learned in graduate school and other courses. Big Fish provides a new perspective for me which was immediately noticed by my employees — a different energy.

I look back on my Big Fish application last December and I’m not the same person nor is my company (yeah)!  Big Fish provided me with the tools and motivation to set goals and actually reach them along with BOLD actions — thinking big.”

Bottom Line Impact for LXI?

  • We are on target to increase our sales by 50% this year.
  • Profits are up 45% from December 2009.
  • We have added two new clients to our portfolio.
  • We are hiring employees.

Lisa explains, “This year, I focused specifically on goals that were going to impact both my bottom line and developing my team and me to be better leaders.

I wanted to create a more sustainable company that functioned well without me so much of the time.  I also wanted to establish a marketing plan that exponentially grew our company.

We have done that, we have created a very clear marketing strategy that works for us.  Our marketing strategy has directly impacted our bottom-line positively and I expect next year we will have another amazing growth year.”

So what about the Star Fish program made such a difference for Lisa (and therefore her company)?  She says,

  1. Setting measurable goals and learning a process to obtain them
  2. Having support from great women
  3. Gaining “quiet” in my mind.   I’m trying to say “don’t worry about stuff you can’t
    change” … and it’s actually working!  I don’t wake up at 3:00 a.m. and worry
    about “stuff” now.   Big  fish has helped me change the energy in myself, my employees, business partner/husband, etc.  I think that helped me get “quiet.”

To learn more about Lisa’s company, visit the Legal Xtranet Inc. website at http://www.legalxtranet.com, and feel free to email Lisa (click here) to connect directly.

Lisa, thank you for being an inspiring example for women entrepreneurs!

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