With the start of the 2010 Winter Olympics this past weekend, this is a great time to highlight the “elite performers” of Big Fish Nation – the Starfish Program participants.

Much like the Olympic athletes, these Starfish are high achievers, and are already “stars” in their areas of expertise.  They are already successful woman business owners  who have “arrived” in many ways, yet feel there are other goals to be achieved, other mountains to be climbed.

However, instead of careening down a luge track at 90 MPH or nailing a backside 180 trick on the snowboarding half-pipe run, they’re mastering their careers and their lives.

Without exception, these Starfish women  have dreams of shining even brighter, not to just gain more material success, but to make a difference in the lives of others, and to impact the world in very real ways. 

Each Starfish is “partnering” with another woman business owner in a developing country, directly sharing their time, energy and expertise with other women entrepreneurs who are hoping to have their chance to also change their world.  I am so excited about these incredible opportunities for shared learning and powerful collaboration across country lines!

You may have heard this story, but it’s worth repeating:   A girl standing on the beach was throwing starfish after starfish back into the sea after being washed ashore. When someone asked why, as there were so many starfish on the beach, what difference could it make?  the girl replied, as she threw yet another starfish back into the sea, “It made a difference to that one…”

What difference are YOU making today… and tomorrow… and the rest of this year…?

Click here for more information on the Starfish Program .