For the past month, I’ve been writing about how to finish out 2012 powerfully so you can enjoy a holiday break with a huge sense of satisfaction … and still have energy to celebrate your successes at years’ end!

Here are the previous 4 steps in case you missed any of them (just click any link below to get caught up):

Step #1: Focus on 4th Quarter
Step #2: Follow up
Step #3: Look at sales
Step #4: Help your sales team stay strong

…and today, we wrap up this series with

Step #5: Finish strong

The “finish” I’m talking about here is the last final push at the end of your year that will have you feeling complete and accomplished.
So what does it mean to finish strong (not just finish)?
Think about runners crossing the finish line at a race — they don’t slow down and walk across the finish line; they often show a burst of speed at the very end and finish strong.
They can do this because they have trained well, know what their goals are, pace themselves well, and stay focused on crossing that finish line.
In business, then, finishing strong means knowing what our 4th quarter goals are and focusing on reaching them so “gremlins” such as doubts or fears don’t interfere with our progress.   Those goals need to be very clear to you and your team … it is hard to finish strong if you are not sure where the finish line is!
We also need to pace ourselves well.  Make a plan for reaching those 4th quarter goals in a way that reserves enough energy to finish strong, not to burn out … keep some reserves so you can celebrate strong as part of your strong finish!
Another way to finish strong is to set the stage for the next year.  Do you have strong support in place for 2013?  Do you have a plan for how to carry the momentum from 2012 and start 2013 strong?  Our ignite! Coaching Program offers exactly that type of support, including 2 bonus coaching sessions in 2012 at NO CHARGE.  You can get more information on that program here, and please do contact me with ANY questions.
Make 2012 a showcase year for yourself by finishing strong!  What is your plan?  I’d love to hear from you!