Welcome to week 4 of my 5-week blog post series on how to have a strong 4th quarter!  Last week, I talked about Step #3: Look at sales — know where you are, where you want to be, and how you will get there.   In order to do that, however, you also need to pay attention to …

Step #4: Help your sales team stay strong

Strong sales come from strong people
, so it’s important to put time and energy into supporting your sales team!
For many of us, that sales “team” is just one person — ourselves.  We can run ourselves ragged trying to meet our sales quotas if we aren’t diligent about taking care of ourselves.  Taking a break when you’re tired or overwhelmed can actually save you time in the end, AND builds your energy for effective selling.
You will also want to make sure you help your sales team stay strong in their selling process (re-read Step #3 if you haven’t yet taken action on that!).  Are you reminding people (including yourself) to ask for the sale?   To close strong?  4th quarter is the time for bold action!
Another way to keep your sales team strong is to encourage them rather than simply praise them.  Praise only boosts the ones who are doing a good job, while encouragement applies to everyone.   Also, when you encourage your team, you have a chance to guide them, inspiring them to learn and grow in ways that will have them be even stronger.
Whether your sales “team” is a group of people, or just yourself, 4th quarter is an important time to provide support!
So remember, to finish the year strong: 

Step #1: Focus on 4th Quarter
Step #2: Follow up
Step #3: Look at sales
Step #4: Help your sales team stay strong
Check back next week for Step #5!

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