Welcome to week 3 of my 5-week blog post series on how to finish your year strong!  Last week, I talked about Step #2: Follow up, which naturally leads to:

Step 3: Look at Sales


I don’t mean just glance at them and move on to the next thing; I mean look closely and make any strategy and priority changes necessary.

Start by asking these questions and writing down your answers:

  1. What are your sales quotas for the year — and how do your sales measure up?
  2. What are your sales quotas for 4th Quarter — and do they need to change based on your full-year quota?
  3. Based on where you are TODAY with sales, what needs to get on your To Do list TODAY to meet your quota? (Hint: see Step #2)
  4. And what needs to get OFF your To Do list to make room for this 4th Quarter priority?

Schedule time on your calendar ASAP to work on these questions, and get yourself set up for a profitable and successful 4th Quarter!

So remember:

Step #1: Focus on 4th Quarter
Step #2: Follow up
Step #3: Look at sales
Check back next week for Step #4!

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