The way you finish this year is the way you’ll start next year.


If you fade away into the end of 2012, you will need to spend valuable time at the beginning of 2013 trying to ramp back up… and if you finish 2012 strong, your momentum will carry you right into a strong 2013.
Welcome to week 2 of my 5-week blog post series on how to finish your year strong!  Last week, I talked about Step #1: Focus on 4th Quarter, which leads right into this week’s step:

Step #2: Follow Up.

If you think of your 4th quarter as a time to wrap things up, you will take the time to follow up where there are any loose ends.
Follow up to get responses on  proposals you have sent, requests that are still unanswered, and any unfinished business that needs to either move forward or be completed.
Follow up as much as necessary to close communication loops or get resolution of issues by the end of the year so you can start 2013 with focused energy and a clean slate!
Take some time TODAY to make a list of anything you need to follow up on, then put each follow-up on your calendar to make sure you get them done… and by the time the holidays arrive, the only thing you’ll be wrapping up is gifts!
So remember:
Step #2: Follow up
Check back next week for Step #3!