Over the next 5 weeks, I’ll be sharing a series of blog posts to help you strategize about how to close the year strong.

You might be tempted to just “coast” into the end of the year, but the way you end this year will influence the way you begin next year… so why not just keep it strong?   Think how amazing the December holidays will feel with that sense of accomplishment!

I’ll break it down for you into 5 important steps, and will describe each step in a weekly blog post.

Let’s start with Step 1!

1.  Focus on 4th Quarter

One thing we usually do well as entrepreneurs is planning ahead and looking into the future.  It’s an important focus to have, yet at the end of the year, I think we can get too focused on the next year… taking our focus away from finishing the current year strong.

95% of our 4th quarter focus needs to be on this year — on 2012.   Instead of just looking past this year into 2013 already, focus on current year questions!  What are your goals for Q4?  What will you finish in Q4?  What is most important to you and your business in Q4?

Ready… set… GO! 

(and check back here next week for Step #2!)