1.  My daughter and all of who she is.

2.  My mother who constantly is there for me no matter what.  And reminds me that the small stuff is really the big stuff.

3.  My sister who deeply cares.

4.  My family — all of you. – YES!  You….

5.  My circle of friends near and far.  You too….

6.  My new boyfriend who is also an old friend.

7.  My health:  good health gives me freedom to live my dreams.

8.  My old community in Albany, NY area…. who still to this day support me and welcomes me home.

9.  My new community in San Diego area… who amazes me regularly with kind gestures, open arms, shoulders, ears…. and fun!

10.  And all of you in-between…

11.  The gardeners that keep our neighborhood looking good so I don’t have to!

12.  The people that do jobs like President of the U.S.  because I wouldn’t want that job!

13.  The opportunities from drama.

14.  Great quotes from wise people.

15.  My animals (with me and those not any more).

16.  Sierra’s teachers – teachers rock.

17.  My bed at night when I am tired.

18.  Rain…. its song on the roof and my face.

19.  Planes that take us to far away places quickly and relatively easily.

20.  Technology…. even though I can’t keep up.

21.  Health Practitioners (of all kinds!) that take good care of us…

22.  People that still believe in good service.

23.  Ethical attorneys, CPA’s and accountants that make my life and business function more smoothly.

24.  Authors that write amazing books for us…. your love ripples out….

25.  Laughing out loud moments together.

26.  Cooking together with people I love.

27.  Young friends, Kids that play in my house regularly…

28.  The amazing clients that inspire me every day.  They go for their vision… and keep going.  You inspire me daily.

29.  The woods, nature, trees…. you give me strength.

30.  Entrepreneurs all over the world.

31.  History and yesterday – you make us wiser.

32.  Snowflakes….

33.  My neighborhood and the great people in it.

34.  Boots, I love boots and jeans.

35.  The mice and ants that invaded my house this summer and gave us a great laugh!  I think of you often!

36.  My clients who this year asked me how I was…. and really meant it.

37.  Lines in the sand that I draw and others draw.  Lines matter.

38.  Warm showers every day.

39.  Lines on faces (even mine) they show wisdom, smiles, and life at its depths – I love them.

40.  Those that dig deep and go for the gold.

41.  My desire to learn every day and other peoples desire to learn too.

42.  Flowers, Trees, the ocean…. nature.

43.  Horses, riding, watching Sierra love it.

44.  All the people with pure and good intentions every day.

45. Synchronicity that happens every day if I pay attention…

46.  My daughters voice… her resilience and her stamina and her curiosity for life and people and learning and love.

47.  MY CTI colleagues in the world…. it is so nice to speak the same language…

48. My intuition… it serves me well — I have learned to listen…

49.  Morning walks.

50.  Smiling, happy people.

51.  My clients/friends who share how my/our work has changed their lives.

52.  My team – you rock.

53.  Simple.

54.  Weather, seasons.  Snow storms, thunderstorms, sunshine and the mix of it all.

55.  My power of choice – it is what sets me free.

56.  People doing great work in the world.

55.  My teachers old and new.

56.  A party/celebration of any kind.

57.  Real, meaningful conversations.

58.  Old things, memories, traditions and history.

59.  Paradoxes = they answer a lot questions.

60.  Stillness – quiet.

61.  Mornings with Bolthouse Farms.

62.  Hot coco on a cold day.

63.  A fire in the fireplace.

64.  Being 48.  I don’t care much now what other think.  It matters more, what I know and how I think of me.

65.  Entrepreneurs and the opportunity of Entrepreneurship…. what a gift.

66.  My dog that reminds me that life is about just being happy and nimble on my feet.  And to bite gently.

67.  Music.  Singing out loud.

68.  Those that care about the environment and educate us on how to best care for Mother Earth.

69.  Farmers.

70.  The power of a vision.

71.  Referrals from happy clients.

72.  Rainbows.

73.  The magic of the holidays.

74.  Wind in my hair and  Sun on my face.

76.  Breathing in this moment.

77.  iphones…. yup the whole family of ‘I things’… love ’em!

78. Those that take the time to read what I write, thank you.

79.  The many adventures I have been on over the years.  They make me want more and they also make me love being home.

80. the simple words: ‘ Thank you’ and ‘I am sorry.’  They both make all the difference.  Gratitude and empathy…. life is sweeter with both.

81.  the perfection in life.

82.  When I don’t see the perfection, I am grateful for my trust in God.

83.  My daughter and her friends…. they inspire me to laugh, cry, roll up my sleeves, get dirty and dive deep.

84.  People that keep learning from life no matter how old there are.

85.  Environmentally conscious people.

86.  Warm clothes out of the dryer.

87.  Perspectives, differences and similarities among us right here and in other parts of the world.

88.  Girlfriend talks…  filled with laughs and learnings.

89.  Young people with great insight.

90.  My flexibility…  life demands it!

91.  The smell of coffee in the morning.

92.  hugs when we need them…. and the ability to give them when someone is in need.

93.  Bedtime reading time.

94.  Funny movies that make me laugh outloud.

95.  Neighborhood Caroling.

96.  Caring, flexible, honest people who offer kinds gestures so often.

97.  All the gluten free companies out there… you have given me my health back.

98.  Christian who leads church powerfully and authentically week after week and makes me laugh at myself.

99.   Larry who hosts meditation for the past 20+ years.

100.  Another Thanksgiving season to count my blessings.

THANK YOU…. for reading, sharing, learning and growing and making the world a better place because you are in it.