Gail Benmosche, has been an entrepreneur for over 20  years.  She took our Big Fish Nation program 10 years ago.  She says it transformed how she did business and saw her business and saw herself as the leader of her business.

After 10 years of living and working with the Big Fish principals, she offers these 10 tips:

  1. Always show up as the leader you are.:  BE AUTHENTIC
  2. You must value your skills and knowledge in order to have others do the same.:  KNOW YOUR VALUE and VALUES.
  3. When things seem hard….look for the learning….then review the lesson learned so that you can move on.:  BE A STUDENT
  4. When one client/customer leaves it opens the door for the next bigger and better one.:  SEEK OPPORTUNITY
  5. I would not be where I am in my life, business and earning power without Coaching!:  HIRE A COACH
  6. Never stop learning.  Take a course, read a book and talk with your peers.:  BE A STUDENT
  7. Align yourself with like minded friends, family, employees and client/customers.:  CHOOSE YOUR PEEPS CONSCIOUSLY
  8. The sky is the limit….believe and it will happen.:  BELIEVE
  9. Always have a vision and know the goals to work on that will make it a reality.:  KEEP YOUR EYE ON YOUR VISION.
  10. Facing your fears makes you stronger….embracing change leads to opportunities you never would have thought of.:  EMBRACE THE HARD STUFF.

Thank you Gail for the opportunity to be with you on your entrepreneurial journey this past 20+ years.  Thank you for entrusting our Big Fish Nation team in supporting you in becoming the wildly successful business owner that you are.  It is a joy to watch you create your ripples in the world.


For more information on Gail’s’ business check out:  BusinessKeeping.  She has many areas of expertise including:  Bookkeeping,  Political Candidate and Committee Disclosure Reporting, Website Content, and eMarketing.

We have not offered our popular Big Fish Nation program in 2 years.  If you have been wanting to take it, now is your chance.  Our next program is going to launch in September.  Only 8-10 participants allowed… check out the details and  let’s Dive In~