Starfish Retreat

YOU are perfect for the Starfish Program if you…

  • Are ready to get out of your comfort zone and stretch your limits to reach a specific BIG goal.
  • Have a new endeavor to get off the ground and are tired of just talking about it (book, project, product, health goal, etc.)
  • Are ready to change it up in your business and your life to create a bolder, more daring, confident YOU.
  • Are ready to shake things up in your life and go home renewed, refreshed and with a fresh perspective.
  • Are looking to connect deeply with other conscious women.

If you answered ‘YES’ to any or all of the above, then the Starfish Retreat is for you!

Here are some pics from previous year’s Starfish Retreat:

Some words from past Starfish Participants…

“The retreat was nothing like I expected and everything I needed. I came with the intention to absorb as much as I could from everyone else. Yet the activities and other participants drew things out of me that I either forgot or never realized I had within myself. An energizing transformative experience with broad application to how I will approach business and life.”

Kara Cenar

Intellectual Property Attorney and Former National NAWBO Board Member, Starfish 2015

“I participated in the first Starfish program in 2010.  After my story was included in Half the Sky and then after being featured on Oprah, Lorin reached out to me and invited me to join the Starfish program in 2010.. it opened my door to Entrepreneurship.

I believe my journey with Lorin and Big Fish has only just begun… the Starfish program had me interacting with other powerful women entrepreneurs that I would have never had a chance to meet.  I have ‘sisters’ that support me on this next journey with bold goals for me and my business.”

Tererai Trent

Principal Evaluator,, Tinogona Consulting

The Starfish Retreats are unlike ANY thing you have experienced before!  They will:

  • Get you out of your own way and into your highest energy flow
  • Nourish and honor your body with healthy, delicious meals and daily exercise
  • Empower you to take BOLD SPECIFIC ACTIONS
  • Power your business forward with enhanced (or new!) strategies from focused think tank sessions
  • Blow your fear boundaries away through a unique adventure event
  • Soothe your soul and feed your heart with purely decadent time and treats
  • Provide a deep and meaningful support network of other women entrepreneurs through coaching with me or one of my team members

What’s included in a Starfish retreat?

  • 2.5 full days of power packed, decadent, impactful experiences led by Lorin Beller
  • All Meals included
  • Lodging at a local B & B or private home depending on location
  • All workshop materials and activity fees
  • Ongoing access to the Starfish private online community using a Facebook page to check in for Facebook Fridays.
  • Pure Delight!

I host retreats in either San Diego or New York’s Adirondack Mountains.

My vision for every Starfish Retreat that I host is:

  • That you feel like every detail of our day is thoughtfully planned and cared about yet there is spontaneity that creates deep connection and flow that allows us to be ever present.
  • We eat healthy yet delicious foods that nourishes us.
  • We celebrate who we are and what we have accomplished as we look forward to the possibilities that lie before us.
  • All your senses are engaged each day.
  • As the retreat ends , your soul feels rested yet outrageously inspired.
  • You are called to greater work… whatever it may be.
  • You feel more satisfied because of what you learned and experienced.
  • You were outside in the elements and feel exhilarated from them.
  • You laugh.  You cry.  And you are inspired to step even deeper into your extraordinary life.
  • You listen carefully to your  intuition and your business’ voice.
  • You connect with your new ‘sisters’.
  • You have at least 7 new bold actions that will help you either make more money, have a happier life or create better health or perhaps a bit of it all.

If I am hosting in the Adirondacks, my house is located 1.5 hour drive North of the Albany airport, 30 minutes from Lake George and only 2 miles off the Northway (I-87), Exit 27.  My retreat house is on Schroon Lake, NY.  It is campy and rustic, open, 3 full baths and huge deck right at the waters edge.  Here are some pictures:

Here’s what other powerful women entrepreneurs are saying about the Starfish Retreats…

“Starfish was so great, I am doing it again in 2011! It was worth every penny, my business is booming and I am taking time for me… and there are now more goals I want to accomplish! I hope to see you in San Diego!” 

Lisa McComb

Owner, Elumicor

“The Starfish Retreat was such an event that it sparked so many positive changes in not only my life, but gave an amazing new set of friends and advisors that I will cherish for the rest of my life!  Lorin, I can’t thank you and Big Fish enough for the Starfish group and stretching me and my business to go BIG and BOLD.  You are truly the best and an absolute Entrepreneur’s Dream!!!!” 

Shannon Smith

Managing Partner, Blueye Creative / Always Be Social

“The Starfish Program has helped me grow my already successful (million dollar) business, and now I actually feel like the wildly successful person that I am. This has been a big shift in how I feel each day. I am now in charge of my life and business!” [p.s. After becoming a Big Fish, Barbara made the decision to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro!) 

Barbara Bencini

Wealth Manager

“As a business owner you don’t often get the opportunity to visit and be challenged by other entrepreneurs like you do at the Starfish Retreats.  When you get into a group of other business owners they are the ones who say “I’m not sure that’s going to work” or “yes, that will work, and you need to tweak it here…” because that’s what you’re here for in the first place.  You’re at a Starfish Retreat to do something bigger than what you’re already doing, so you need to get that experience out of the group, and they totally give it to you.” 

Nancy J. Williamson


“I have practiced self and business growth for many years. But this is the first time I have looked at my business and my life with bold actions. It’s just been one day since the Starfish Retreat and I can see that the effect will be profound” 

Lisa Druxman

Owner, Stroller Strides

“I have worked with other coaches – to tell you the truth, I was really underwhelmed because I just didn’t get results.  Then I worked with Lorin and Big Fish and I went from charging just a few hundred dollars per project to charging thousands and even five figures with each consulting project!  It takes courage to really do that, and Lorin and the Starfish group helped me through that.  The program is all about helping women lead happier, healthier and wealthier lives.  What’s great about the Starfish program is that you meet women of caliber who are really running successful businesses — if you want to be successful, you have to hang with successful people.”

Linda Hollander

Owner, Wealthy Bag Lady

“I’m not even calling it touchy-feely any more. This stuff WORKS!   I have finally WOKEN UP to what is and to what can be!  To say that the Starfish retreat was life changing is an understatement.  It is the smartest time and money I have ever given to my business – and to MYSELF! The impact on my multi-million dollar business is already notable – it has a fresh new feel and I am giddy with the excitement of rededicating myself to it.  And launching my new business is now more than just a fantasy!

Lynn Griffith

Owner & CEO, Welcome Events, Inc.

As a Mom of a young daughter, and someone that is committed to my own impact at the same time, I balance and work odd hours, take bold action, and implement daily habits that feed my soul… I also know that when we do build a successful firm, there is always room to ‘fine tune’ and stretch and grow. That is what Starfish Retreats are all about — women stepping into creating the impact they want to have in the world. And to me, there are just a few things better than getting together with a group of powerful women to advance the tribe! We have a chance to change the world – let’s do it together!


I love offering this amazing experience in a place I like to think of as my own little ‘Walden Pond’ sort of world.  I am looking forward to sharing it and experiencing it with you.